Puzhao Buddhist Vihara


YBAM is the leading Buddhist youth galvanization in Malaysia, formed in 1970, and have 270 member organizations all over the country. YBAM has been active in organizing various Buddhist programmes such as forums on Buddhism and current issues, Dharma classes, meditation retreats, leadership trainings, welfare activities, counsellings services and etc. The programmes run by YBAM are not limited to Buddhist youth but open to all. Since 2004, YBAM is also entrusted by the government to conduct Dharma classes for the Buddhist trainees of National Service.
Puzhao Buddhist Vihara is a project of YBAM located at Lot 1957, Batu 8, Jalan Batu Pahat, Kluang, Johor. The 6 acre of land, with an existing wooden Puzhao Temple on it, was donated by the owners to YBAM in 1980s. The construction of the 4-storey new Puzhao Buddhist Vihara, which is also known as YBAM Training and Administrative Centre, was started in 1990. However, a stop-work order was issued by Kluang District Officer in 1991, due to the protest of Malay residents in the close vicinity. By then, we have only completed the structural frame work up to 2nd floor. After about 20 years of tireless negotiation and appeals to the State and Federal Governments, approval to resume the construction was obtained in year 2008.

Once completed, Puzhao Buddhist Vihara with a total built-up area of 82,890 sq ft, will be a hub for the following:
a) International Meditation Centre
b) Youth Training & Development Centre
c) Resource Centre
d) Youth Recreation Centre
e) Community & Religious Service Centre